7 Thoughtfully Styled Two-Piece Ensembles to Choose from

  No Inventory Commitment

  FREE Shipping To & From Event

  Full Service Presentation Set Up & Break Down

  DR Shopping Bags or DR Shipping Boxes Provided

  Optional Embroidery available at no extra cost

  Simplified Billing

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Drop Ship

  Full Service Shopping Experience

  Choice of 7 pre-styled ensembles shipped to club fully dressed on bust forms.

  Donald Ross Staff on site to unpack, set up presentation, take orders, and service event.

  Logoed ensembles Drop Shipped individually to participants in Donald Ross packaging with personalized thank you note.

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  Full Service Shopping Experience

  Choice of 7 pre-styled ensembles.

  Full size range available on-site for each ensemble.

  Inventory shipped to and from event at no charge.

  Donald Ross Staff on-site to fully service presentation. This includes unpacking, setting up, executing, and re-packing.

  Donald Ross shopping bags provided to distribute merchandise to participants.

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  Full Service E-Commerce Shopping Experience

  Custom Microsite built for club event.

  Link to site dispatched to participants prior to event.

  7 Ensembles offered through customized microsite for participants to choose from.

  Accessible back end data for Event Organizer.

  Individually packaged merchandise shipped to club prior to event.

  Optional embroidery available at no extra cost.

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“The Donald Ross Team was on site and offered superior customer service. The comments from everyone were extremely positive. Selected items were drop-shipped to the recipients quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Donald Ross – the product, the line and the people.”

Gene Mattare, PGA, Saucon Valley CC

“Our members and guests loved the shopping experience and the quality of their product. Our professional staff appreciated the execution and ease of making everything go so smoothly. What they said they would do, they did with style.”

Greg Lecker, PGA, Sawgrass CC

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