Golf Holiday Travel Tips

Golf Holiday Travel Tips


Plan Ahead

Book your accommodations and tee times well in advance, especially during peak holiday seasons. This ensures you get the best rates and availability.

Be Weather-Prepared

Check the weather forecast for the duration of the trip, and research usual weather patterns during that month. Pack accordingly, including layers, and rain gear if necessary. This way you will be able to play no matter what nature throws your way.

Check Golf Course Policies

Varying golf courses may have different dress codes, rules, and policies. Check these in advance to avoid any surprises.

Invest In A Good Travel Bag

Travelling can do a number on your clubs. Make sure to find a well-made, durable bag with good padding, or hard-shell protection.

Be Prepared

Pack at least one golf outfit in your carry-on just in case. Travelling during the winter months can mean extra delays and lost luggage. Better to be prepared so that you can still get out on the course while waiting for your gear to finally arrive.

Carefully Consider Your Clubs

Travelling for golf often means going to new climates and terrain. Certain terrains can do a number on your clubs. Save your favorite clubs for your home turf, and throw that old 7-iron into the travel bag.

Pack Smartly

Create extra padding, and take advantage of unused space in your travel case by packing clothes in with your clubs.

Consider Renting Clubs

Most clubs and courses offer club rentals. This can save a lot of the hassle of transporting clubs, and keep your gear safe.